Riga Photo Month is a new international photography festival taking place for the first time in the Latvian capital in 2014 and becoming a part of the European Capital of Culture. We want to make Riga into a meeting platform between Nordic and Baltic photography worlds, giving rise to mutual dialogue and new ideas.

Riga Photo Month 2014 offers a rich program of exhibitions, artist talks, urban milieu projects, portfolio reviews, competitions, discussions and other activities. All the events will explore human relationship with urban environment and the interaction between private and public, local and global, mental and physical. The program’s thematic centerpiece will be exhibition „Urban Viewfinders. Baltic and Nordic contemporary photography’’.

In August and September 2013, Riga Photo Month was preceded by an exhibition of world acclaimed photographers Anders Petersen (Sweden) and Jacob Aue Sobol (Denmark), organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia. The event offered artist talks and presentation of the Latvian Photography Yearbook.

The project is organised by the „Riga photomonth” society in cooperation with „Riga 2014” foundation as well as other institutions.