„Riga Photomonth” launches a tradition of biennial photography festival in Riga.

Riga Photomonth 2014 offers a rich program of exhibitions, artist talks, project in urban space, portfolio review,  discussions and other activities. The thematic core of the Photomonth is the “Viewfinders. Baltic and Nordic Contemporary Photography” exhibition, running from 8 May until 5 June at Riga Art Space. The exhibition will provide an overview of the latest trends in contemporary photography in the Nordic and Baltic countries, focusing on the quest for the self in contemporary urban space. The exhibition will showcase the work of Lars Tunbjörk (Sweden), Sara Bjarland (Finland), Thobias Fäldt & Klara Källström (Sweden), Marge Monko (Estonia), Paul Kuimet (Estonia), Astrid Kruse Jensen (Denmark), Marie Sjøvold (Norway), Pétur Thomsen (Icelnad), Mindaugas Ažušilis (Lithuania), Indre Šerpytyte (Lithuania), Sarah Gerats (Norway), Joachim Fleinert (Denmark), Ieva Epnere (Latvia), Ivars Gravlejs (Latvia).

The programme already started in 2013, with the warm up events - a grand exhibition by photographers Anders Petersen (Sweden)  and Jacob Aue Sobol (Denmark), their photography and photo books where exhibited at the Art Academy of Latvia. Opening of the photo book Petersen&Sobol published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK and presentation of Riga Photommonth 2014 in FK magazine /2013 – Latvian Yearbook of Photography.

February 2013 was kick-off for iRIGA - public photo campaign. Riga residents and visitors were invited to express the city’s diversity and uniqueness. Final exhibition will be in May 2014 with winning prizes.